World Cup / Grand-Prix 15.09.2014 
08. till 14. September 2014 - Porto (PT)
The first Highlight of the sport season 2014/15 was the WC/Grand Prix Three cushion which took place from the 8th till 14th of September in Porto.
In the final between Dick Jaspers and surprisingly strong Roland Forthomme, it was Dick Jaspers who wins the title in an exciting finish (40:39).
Third place was going to the Belgium Peter Ceulemans and Korean Sung Won Choi. In spite of the early exit in the round of the last 32 from Frederic Caudron, Eddy Merckx, Filipos Kasidokostas, Marco Zanetti, Jeremy Bury and Tayfun Tasdemir, the sporting performance in the main tournament was on highest level.
Special thanks goes to Mr. Alipio Jorge and his team from FC Porto for the perfect organization.

 Permission to play 01.09.2014 

Coupe de Europe and EC Classic Teams

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 European Championship LIBRE U17 (small table) 20.08.2014 
15. - 17. August 2014 - BOCHUM (DE)
BOCHUM – Anders Hendriksen is the new European Champion Free Game for players under 17. In a thrilling final the Dane defeated the German Simon Blondeel 200 - 109 in two innings.
Dutchman Hans Snellen and Pierre Martory from France took the bronze-medals.

The participating 10 players qualified in two groups of five for the quarter-finals.

Hendriksen reached the final with a 200 - 6  in two innings against Hans Snellen in the semi-final. After defeating his brother Lukas in the quarter-final Simon Blondeel won the semi-final against Pierre Martory with the tournaments highest run and average in one inning 200 – 114.

The organizing club BC Elfenbein Höntrop did everything to comfort players and spectators and everyone has been very grateful because of their efforts and hospitality.


On the website is released, among other things, that the billiard cloth "Royal-Pro" was used in a tournament in Greece and also published in the calendar. This gives the impression that this billiard cloth is approved because the tournament is mentioned in the calendar of CEB.

CEB is responsible for the approval of international tournaments in Europe and if they are sanctioned they are published in the calendar of CEB. Such publication does not come along with the approval of the used material (balls, cloth etc.) or a recognition as official CEB-tournament.

We asked the operator of the website to remove the misleading content immediately.

For official championships and tournaments of the CEB only billiard cloth of the manufacturer Simonis is approved.

24.04. - 03.05.2015 - BRANDENBURG a.d. Havel
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 European Championship 2015 is taking place in Brandenburg 28.06.2014 
Bottrop 28.06.2014
In the meeting in Bottrop this weekend the board of CEB has decided that
THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 is taking place in Brandenburg a.d.H. from 24th April until 3rd  May 2015.

Further details will be announced in the near future.

Confédération Européenne de Billard


 CEB Club Service 11.02.2013 

Dear Friends of Billiards Sports,
the era of the PCs finds more and more its way into being uses as scoreboard in the clubs for the presentation of the results on the spot. For this reason here the enquiries massed from many parts of Europe for corresponding programmers. The CEB has now developed such one and is making it available here as download to your national member federations and its clubs. We wish you furthermore a lot of pleasure and success at the sports of billiards.
Confédération Européenne de Billard
Board and Sports Manager

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