On the website is released, among other things, that the billiard cloth "Royal-Pro" was used in a tournament in Greece and also published in the calendar. This gives the impression that this billiard cloth is approved because the tournament is mentioned in the calendar of CEB.

CEB is responsible for the approval of international tournaments in Europe and if they are sanctioned they are published in the calendar of CEB. Such publication does not come along with the approval of the used material (balls, cloth etc.) or a recognition as official CEB-tournament.

We asked the operator of the website to remove the misleading content immediately.

For official championships and tournaments of the CEB only billiard cloth of the manufacturer Simonis is approved.

24.04. - 03.05.2015 - BRANDENBURG a.d. Havel
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 European Championship 2015 is taking place in Brandenburg 28.06.2014 
Bottrop 28.06.2014
In the meeting in Bottrop this weekend the board of CEB has decided that
THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 is taking place in Brandenburg a.d.H. from 24th April until 3rd  May 2015.

Further details will be announced in the near future.

Confédération Européenne de Billard


 European Grand Prix Artistic 27.06.2014 
19. - 22.06.2014 - Doetinchem (NL)
DOETINCHEM - The European Grand Prix Artistic was played with 32 participants from all over Europe in Doetinchem (NL). It was full of suprising results and saw in the end an unexpected winner.
The Turkish player Baris Cin won his first major title against the French player Jean Reverchon.
Cin reached the final by having a bit more luck than his Dutch oponent René Dericks who missed a match ball at 2 - 1 in the semi-final and then lost 2 - 3.
Jean Reverchon won the other semi-final over five tight sets 3 - 2 against his country fellowman Michael Hammen.
In the final Reverchon was not able to proceed in the manner he played the whole tournament and lost 3 - 0 to Cin.

 Coupe de Europe 3-Cushion 2014 22.06.2014 
06. - 06. June 2014 - Istanbul (TR)
ISTANBUL - With an impressive performance last years winner Bahcelievler defeated BC Deurne in the final and took the trophy home for the second time.

With a 8-0 victory over BC Deurne and a 6-2 victory over Coral Colon Bahcelievler has had an powerful start in group A of the preliminaries. Group B was dominated from AS Agipi with a 8-0 victory over FC Porto and a 6-2 victory over Alcantarilla.

In the first semifinal the top two turkish players Tayfun Tasdemir and Lütfi Cenet lost against Blomdahl and Sanchez but Murat Naci Coklu and Adnan Yüksel saved the victory for Bahcelievler over FC Porto.

The second semifinal BC Deurne defeated AS Agipi with 6-2. In 10 innings Jaspers won 40-23 23 against Frederic Caudron and even Marco Zanettis 40-10 victory over Eddy Merckx was not enough to gain the necessary points.

In the final between Bahcelievler and BC Deurne Tayfun Tasdemir was not impressed by Dick Jaspers performance in the semifinal and won after an early lead 40-27 in 13 innings. Murat Naci Coklu defeated Jean Paul de Bruijn with 40-23 in 25 innings and the Turkish number three and four had reached so many points that there was no chance for BC Deurne to win the game.

Face to face with the cheering crowd the Turks celebrated their victory.

 CEB Club Service 11.02.2013 

Dear Friends of Billiards Sports,
the era of the PCs finds more and more its way into being uses as scoreboard in the clubs for the presentation of the results on the spot. For this reason here the enquiries massed from many parts of Europe for corresponding programmers. The CEB has now developed such one and is making it available here as download to your national member federations and its clubs. We wish you furthermore a lot of pleasure and success at the sports of billiards.
Confédération Européenne de Billard
Board and Sports Manager

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