The royal Dutch Billiard Federation (KNBB) has in co-operation with the company Saluc/Aramith developed a new carom billiard-discipline which can be classified after the try-out time as „fun sports“.  Pleasure at billiards, quick initial success had been the idea and the development targets. Both had been reached in its entirety. It is not surprising that also top sportsmen have pleasure in this game, since; who does not like having fun in practicing his sports.
We want to carry out the pleasure to Europe and into the world and provide the simple system of rules in 4 languages as download.
Now a lot of pleasure with 5-ball carom!
Confédération Européenne de Billard

Der königlich niederländische Billard-Bund (KNBB) hat in Zusammenarbeit mit der Firma Saluc/Aramith eine neue karambol Billard-Disziplin entwickelt, die sich nach der Erprobungsphase unter „Fun Sport“ einstufen lässt.  Freude bei Billard, schneller Anfangserfolg waren Idee und Entwicklungsziele. Beides wurde in vollem Umfang erreicht. Nicht überraschend ist, dass auch Topsportler Freude an diesem Spiel haben, denn; wer hat nicht gerne Spaß bei Ausübung seines Sports.
Wir wollen die Freude nach Europa und in die Welt hinaustragen und stellen das einfache Regelwerk in 4 Sprachen zum download zur Verfügung.
Nun viel Freude mit 5-Ball Karambol!
Confédération Européenne de Billard

Click here to download the rules in English
Click here to download the rules in German
Click here to download the rules in French
Click here to download the rules in Spanish


 The billiard world is in mourning 14.11.2014 

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of Parviz Moshirpur in Metz, at the age of 78 years.

Class player he would soon move to arbitration to become one of the best. He was one of the most respected referees who made a very long international brilliant career and his skills were recognized worldwide.
Today we have lost a great personality of our sport.

The Conféderation Européenne de Billard presents to his family and his close its deepest condolences.

 World Championship 1 Cushion in Saint-Brévin (France) - 2 to 5 October 06.10.2014 
First world titel 1 Cushion for Frédéric Caudron
The Belgian maestro has technically dominated this very high level competition.
To complete the podium, 3 other CEB players:
JP. de Bruijn (NL) second, T.Blomdahl (SE) and X.Gretillat (CH) third.

One of the highlights of this championship has been the 5 minutes standing ovation of the 500 spectators after the outstanding performance of J.Petit (FR) who finished the game with 146 at the 2nd inning !

This event has been really extraordinary in terms of popular success, with a full hall, from the opening ceremony to the final.
The organisators, managed by Joël Bertrand and former CEB treasurer J.Deneufve have to be highly congratulated for this success.

To view the results please click here.

 The 28th UMB General Assembly in Terneuzen (NL) 28.09.2014 

Right to left : Carlos Rivera (CPB) – Fernando Requena – Torsten Danielsson – Farouk El Barky – Jean-Claude Dupont – Wolfgang Rittmann (CEB) – Hussein Al Sharif (ABF) – Young Chul Chang (ACBC)

The congress of the UMB took place on September 19th, 2014 in Terneuzen ( NL), some kilometres of Sluiskil where U22 competed for World championship Three Cushion.

Here are some highlights of the conference:

Elections of the Board for the next four years took place on this occasion. The Executive Board members were re-elected unanimously except the Secretary General Nico van Hanegem. New in the Board is the Swiss / Danish Torsten Danielsson who was unanimously elected. The four Presidents of Confederations belonged to the UMB Board as founding members

Johny Houtsch (Luxembourg), CEB delegate at the UMB for 20 years, will be replaced in the future by Helmut Biermann. In recognition of his merits for our sports the congress of the UMB appointed him unanimously to honorary member.

“Classical” disciplines (Cadre and Partie Libre), Biathlon and Triathlon are removed from the sport program UMB. The Events organized by UMB will be limited of Three Cushion, Five-Pins, Artistic and One Cushion.

The representative of KNBB Santos Chocron, introduced a new game with 5 balls (numbered), designed especially for beginners and to promote billiards. This game will also bring fun and entertainment to more experienced player. The exact rules will be published soon on the web

It was also announced the organizing of the first World Cup in Vietnam in 2015

More info on :

 Johny Houtsch UMB Honorary Member 22.09.2014 

During 3 decades the 72-year-old Luxemburger, Johny Houtsch, is active as top-ranking officeholder on the international and national level. President of the national federation, youth director and secretary general of the CEB and CEB delegate at the UMB were some, fundamental details of his big voluntary engagement for our sports. After he retired last year on grounds of age from the board of the CEB –for which he is still available with words and deeds- now there had been also a change with regard to the representation of the UMB. In recognition of his merits for our sports the congress of the Union Mondiale de Billard appointed him unanimously to honorary member. We warmly congratulate and share his happiness with this outstanding award. We connect the congratulation with great thanks for that what he has achieved and with the best wishes for the further path of life.
Confédération Européenne de Billard
The Board

Johny Houtsch Membre Honoraire de l’UMB

Pendant 3 décennies le Luxembourgeois de soixante-douze ans, Johny Houtsch, est actif comme fonctionnaire de haut niveau à l’échelle internationale et nationale. Président de la fédération nationale, directeur de la jeunesse et secrétaire général de la CEB et délégué de la CEB à l’UMB étaient quelques étapes essentielle de son grand engagement honoraire pour notre sport. Après qu’il s’est retiré l’année dernière en raison de l’âge du comité de la CEB –auquel il donne encore et toujours tout l’appui possible- il y avait maintenant aussi un changement avec la représentation à l’UMB. En reconnaissance de ses mérites pour notre sport le congrès de l’Union Mondiale de Billard a lui nommé unanimement à membre honoraire. Nous félicitons cordialement et nous nous réjouissons avec lui de cette distinction excellente. Nous attachons la félicitation au remerciement grand pour ceux qu’il a accompli et aux meilleurs vœux pour le parcours de vie plus avant.
Confédération Européenne de Billard
Le Comité

Johny Houtsch UMB Ehrenmitglied

Über 3-Jahrzehnte ist der 72-jährige Luxembourger, Johny Houtsch, auf internationaler und nationaler Ebene als Spitzenfunktionär aktiv. Präsident des nationalen Verbandes, Jugenddirektor und Generalsekretär der CEB und CEB Delegierter bei der UMB waren einige, wesentliche Stationen seines großen ehrenamtlichen Engagements für unseren Sport. Nachdem er im letzten Jahr aus Altersgründen aus dem Vorstand der CEB ausschied –der er immer noch mit Rat und Tat zur Verfügung steht- gab es nun auch bei der Vertretung der UMB einen Wechsel. In Anerkennung seiner Verdienste für unseren Sport ernannte ihn der Kongress der Union Mondiale de Billard einstimmig zum Ehrenmitglied. Wir gratulieren herzlich und freuen uns mit ihm für diese herausragende Auszeichnung. Die Gratulation verbinden wir mit großem Dank für das Geleistete und den besten Wünschen für den weiteren Lebensweg.
Confèdération Européenne de Billard
Der Vorstand


 Permission to play 01.09.2014 

Coupe de Europe and EC Classic Teams

Please click here to view the Permission to play.


 CEB Club Service 11.02.2013 

Dear Friends of Billiards Sports,
the era of the PCs finds more and more its way into being uses as scoreboard in the clubs for the presentation of the results on the spot. For this reason here the enquiries massed from many parts of Europe for corresponding programmers. The CEB has now developed such one and is making it available here as download to your national member federations and its clubs. We wish you furthermore a lot of pleasure and success at the sports of billiards.
Confédération Européenne de Billard
Board and Sports Manager

Download Scoreboard