Results and Livestream EC Free Game U21 available 05/19/16

For the European Championship Free Game U 21 played the coming weekend in Copenhagen there will be a livestream on sunday (one semifinal and the final). It will also be possible to follow the update of the results after each... >>

Qualifications Coupe d´Europe Three Cushion Club Teams finished 05/02/16

This weekend the qualifications for the final of the Coupe d´Europe were played in Den Haag (Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Lissabon (Portugal), Lausanne (Switzerland) and Vienna (Austria). The results of the qualification groups you find... >>

Preparation for EC 2017 are on the way 04/29/16

The newly elected CEB-president Bennie Deegens and Secretary-General Helmut Biermann visited Brandenburg an der Havel at 27th and 28th of April for consultations regarding the European Championship. The negotiations with the AXXON-Hotel/Stahlpalast... >>


Next Events

European Championship U 17 ST - DUDELANGE (LUX)

Date: 27.05.2016 - 29.05.2016

Discipline: Libre

Location: Centre Hild 11, av. G.D Charlotte L-3441 Dudelange (LU) AIRPORT: Lux- Airport – bus connection to Luxemburg Cit ...

Coupe d´Europe Three Cushion Club Teams (Final) - PORTO - PORTUGAL

Date: 02.06.2016 - 05.06.2016

Discipline: Three Cushion

Location: ACADEMIA DE BILHAR FC PORTO ESTÁDIO DO DRAGÃO Via FCP Ent. Nascente P/ 17 -18 4350- 148 Porto Portugal ...

European Championship U21 - MURCIA (ESP)

Date: 03.06.2016 - 05.06.2016

Discipline: Three Cushion

Location: Centro de Alto Rendimiento CAR Región de Murcia/ High Performance Center CAR Murcia Region Avenida Mariano Ballester, ...

ESPA 5 Pins for teams - ROESELARE - BELGIUM

Date: 09.06.2016 - 12.06.2016

Discipline: 5-Pins

Location: ...

European Ladies Cup

Date: 17.06.2016 - 19.06.2016

Discipline: Three Cushion

Location: BV De Hazelaar T.M. Kortenhorstlaan 6 5244 GD c the Netherlands +31735214742 or +31612353737 ...