CEB Grand Prix Artistic

Organized by
Deutsche Billard-Union
Event dates
01-12-2022 00:00 - 04-12-2022 23:59
Time Schedule

Time Table.

November 30th 14:00/22:00: players training.

December 1st 10:00 Opening Ceremony

December 1st and 2nd: Group games

December 3rd: Last group games, 1/8 finals, 1/4 finals

December 4th: 10:00 semifinals, 13:30 final.

Awards Ceremony


Dress Code B.

See art. 19 and 20 of the Basic Concepts of the Sports.

Table format
Match Table
Simonis 300 Rapid
Super Aramith Pro-Cup Prestige

By players.

To register please send an email to ceb-gp.mabf@gmx.de and CC to stefano.malacrita@eurobillard.org. The players registrations will be reported on this page.

Deadline is November 1st, 2022.

Reference ranking.

Registrations updated 2/11/2022 

PANIS Bastien (F) - HAMMEN Michael (F) - HEIGL Franz (D) - SINGER Bernd (D) - LENDECKEL Dennis (D) - KELLER David (H) - LAVOCAT DUBUIS Alain (F) - TRAN Kevin (F) - DAELMAN Eric (B) - VERVLIET Erik (B) - KOHLMEIER Heinz-Walter (D) - WILMS Steve (B) - CUADRADO Hector (E) - NIRIGE Emmanuel (F) - REVERCHON Jean (F) - VIJVERBERG Erik (NL) - MARIN Anthony (F) - LACROIX Olivier (F) - JONEN Sander (NL) - GÜMÜŞ Serdar (T) - YAMAN Hacı Arap (T) - CİN Barış (T) - HEINRICH Marvin (D) -  DERICKS René (NL) - SANCHEZ Sergio (E) - FONELLOSA Xavier (E) - HEKERLE Manfred (AT) - VAN DEN ZEGEL Erik (B) - TOURE Madou (F) - KUN László (H) - DAHLKE Ken (AT) - TOTH László (H) - CLEMENT Benoit (F) - AHRENS Thomas (D) - WINKLER Thomas (D)

Athletes registrations list.


Groups: 56 figures

1/8 final: 28 figures

1/4 - 1/2 - Final: 35 figures 

Entry fee

€ 125 to be payed cash on site.

Mannheimer Billardfreunde von 1947 e. V.
Casterfeldstr. 74-76
68199 Mannheim

Economy class:

Work+Sleep Boardinghouse Mannheim


- rooms with 1 up to 3 beds are offered

- from this hotel you can reach our Club in less than 5 minutes by feet

- it takes 15 minutes from the mainstation to get there by public tram, if some athlets will travel by train


B&B-Hotel Mannheim


- this hotel can only be recommended to athlets which will travel by car.

- the public connections to our club and the mainstation are unfortunately very poor... but by car you can reach the hotel very easy from the highway and it takes less than 10 minutes to get from there to our club by car also.


Standard class:

Best-Western-Hotel : www.delta-park.de

Hilton Garden Inn  :  www.hilton.com/de/book/reservation/rooms

- both Hotels are recommended to athlets that will travel by train. It takes 5 minutes from the mainstation to get to each of those by feet.

- it takes 15 minutes from the hotel to get to our club by public tram directly or 10 minutes by car.

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