The Confédération Européenne de Billard (CEB) is a non-profit European sports organization for the advancement of the sports of billiards in Europe.

They do not have any entrepreneurial aims in the private sector with a profit making intention. The national member federations of the CEB and their sub-divisions do not have any claim to the property of the CEB. No persons who are active for the CEB receive participations in profits or disproportionate reimbursements which are strange to the purpose of the CEB.

Their main tasks are the organization of championships and tournaments in the recognized disciplines, the drawing up of the rules for those and to support the sporting development of the youth in the sports of billiards by qualified events.

The CEB is obliged to democratic behaviour and acts politically, racially and religiously neutral. Women and men have equal rights. With the male forms for the naming of persons and offices used in the statutes and rules at all times – as far as not explicitly otherwise settled – both sexes are meant. The CEB engage themselves for clean sports without doping and subject themselves to the WADA anti-doping code.