WADA-CODE / Forbidden Substances

The CEB has signed the WADA Code and recognizes that one in its entirety inclusive of the specified punishments in case of offence with regard to its area of responsibility. You can find the anti-doping regulations of the WADA and the topical list of the forbidden substances on the internet under http://www.wada-ama.org/en/

TUE - Therapeutic Use Exemptions / Certificate of Exemption in case of Medical Necessity

In case that for medical reasons you have to take medicaments which contain substances which are mentioned on the list of forbidden substances of the WADA, thus a certificate of exemption can be given for that. That means that such substances which are exempted for you by means of the TUE are not considered as being doping for you. At doping controls the TUE has to be submitted to the control staff before the execution of the control.

The board of the CEB has unanimously determined that that TUE will be recognized by the CEB which has been certificated by the respectively responsible NADA. This is the considerably easier way for our sportswomen and our sportsmen with regard to this sensitive subject. This with the exemption in view of the sportspersons who belong to the international test-pool of the WCBS/UMB. For those there are separate specifications/ways which had been communicated to you by the WCBS/UMB.

In case that you have concrete questions with regard to this subject please directly contact: Mr. Peter Link, CEB anti-doping officer peter.link@eurobillard.org.