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Fédération Française de Billard




4-Balls Game by FF Billard. Objective – Make carom billiards more accessible to beginners. Learn more about the project here

This document in English was the winner of the CEB Awards 2013. It was presented by FFB as a carom game format dedicated to young and older beginners.

It proved to be a fundamental tool to understand the basic concepts of the game before  approaching the traditional and more difficult game with 3 balls.

Diplômes Fédéraux d'aptitude by FF Billard. Objective – Teach and evaluate carom skills in Juniors players. Learn more about the project here.

This document (in French language) is an handbook that provides guidelines to teach and evaluate the skills of Juniors player over a defined timeline.

The young players are examined through the realization of determined figures and they get diplomas according to their skills. 

They also get used to a competitive approach. It is particularly useful for "schools of billiard".



  1. How to play 4-balls. Basic rules of the 4-balls game (French).

  2. How to play 5-pins. Basic rules of the 5-Pins game. (French)

  3. How to play petanque. Basic rules of the petanque game. (French)

  4. Demonstration guide for clubsUseful guide to show to beginners the most important shots and techniques in billiards. (French)

4-BALLS Rules Presentation by FFB, (English, Kozoom production)