The third edition of the well known 5-Pins event is organized by the Billiard Club Kladno and the Czech Billiard Federation.

The event is ready to start in the Billiard Club Kladno, in the city of Kladno (Czech Republic).
Forty 5-Pins players from all over Europe, included 3 women, will join this tournament that is the closing event of the CEB sport season 2022-2023.
10 groups of 4 are set up in the qualification rounds, followed by a Knock-out stage.
The qualification rounds will start tomorrow at 10:15 AM, KO rounds are scheduled from August 25, semifinals and final on August 27.
All informations, participants, results, live score and link to live video streaming are visible in this page: 


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We have winners of the first day. 27 matches done. Nine qualified players are already known.

Of course the glory belongs to winners of the groups. It's not a coincidence that all are seeded.

A. Jan Hudák (CZE)           6 8:1      1.1173

B. Thomas Primon (ITA)  6 9:0   2.0225

C. Max Gabel (GER)      6 9:0         1.7476

The other already sure to be qualified: Peter Kainberger, Gianluca Memmi, Jonas Sondergaard, Sebastiano Zingaro, Jan Dvořáček, Patrick Engelbos.

Group D and E waits for conclusion, others for first matches.

To be  continued…


The second day is behind us with another 29 matches. Five groups know their winners. And here are:

D. Jan Truhlář (CZE)                        6             6:3         1.1056

E. Did Schintgen (LUX)                   6             8:1         1.4542

F. Christopher Schock (GER)        6             8:1         1.2166

G. Stefan Exler (GER)                      6             7:2         1.3392

H. Peter Debeas (BEL)                    6             9:0         1.7822

All these players also sealed place in KO: Jean Christophe Papin, Herbert Sedlak, Vít Pechman, Monika Steinberger, Kim Henriksen, Hubert Schachner, Andreas Felser, Petr Markup, Roman Vik and Jaroslav Korec.

Group I and J are waiting for conclusion in the last round tomorrow. Alexandro Sticco and Václav Dvořáček they will fight for the better position in group J. Equally Henri Degreef with Pavel Svoboda in group I.

KO round will start tomorrow after last groups are finished.

To be  continued…


The third day is done. Another 20 matches are played. Eight more players are qualified to the KO round of last 32.

Today the last two groups found their winners:

I.Henri Degreef (LUX)        8:1    1.6556  

J.Václav Dvořáček (CZE)      8:1    1.4000

These other players also qualified to the last 32 round: Pavel Svoboda, David Hajný, Alessandro Sticco, Franz Ruppert, Luigi Grecola and Daniele Palermo.

In the second part of the day the first KO round of last 32 was played.

Below the 16 winners sealing their place in the KO round of last 16 which will take place tomorrow, already placed in the respective matches.


Last 16.

Thomas Primon (ITA) vs Andreas Felser (AUT) 3-0

Steffen Exler (GER)  vs Jan Hudák (CZE) 3-2

Did Schintgen (LUX) vs Jean Christophe Papin (FRA) 0-3

Peter Kainberger (GER) vs Henri Degreef (LUX) 3-1

Max Gabel (GER) vs Jan Dvořáček (CZE) 3-1

Alessandro Sticco (ITA) vs Václav Dvořáček (CZE) 3-1

Christopher Shock (GER) vs Petr Markup (CZE) 3-1

Kim Henriksen (DNK) vs Peter Debaes (BEL) 0-3

Quarter finals.

Thomas Primon (ITA) vs Steffen Exler (GER)  3-0

Jean Christophe Papin (FRA) vs Peter Kainberger (GER)  0-3

Max Gabel (GER) vs Alessandro Sticco (ITA)  1-3

Christopher Shock (GER) vs Peter Debaes (BEL) 2-3

Today two KO rounds was played and the final four are decided. Congratulations to the semifinalists Thomas Primon, Peter Kainberger, Alessandro Sticco and Peter Debaes.

Mainly Peter Debeas is having a great time. After winning the Coupe d'Europe Clubs with DOS Roeselare, another shining trophy is now awaiting. Thomas Primon would certainly like to repeat his triumph from the first year. Alessandro Sticco avenged the defeat from the group by Václav Dvořáček and in the quarter final he won against the two times finalist Max Gabel. Peter Kainberger showed us lot of precise and patient plays.

Below the players ranked from fifth to eighth place in the paid category:

Steffen Exler, Jean Christophe Papin, Max Gabel and Christopher Schock.

A very nice evening dinner closed this exciting day.

To be continued...



Thomas Primon (ITA) vs Peter Kainberger (GER) 3-0

Alessandro Sticco (ITA) vs Peter Debaes (BEL) 1-3

Thomas Primon is the first finalist after a clear victory on Peter Kainberger by 3-0.

Peter Debaes also reaches the final after a 3-1 victory on Alessandro Sticco.

The final is scheduled at 12:30:

Thomas Primon vs Peter Debaes, best of 7 sets to 60 points