Caudron not concerned after yesterday’s defeat

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Caudron not concerned after yesterday’s defeat
On day 4 of the European Billiard Championships the 1-cushion tournament and the 5-Pins-event was the focus. In total 24 players participated in 1-cushion and we are down to only four players at the end of the day. In the quarterfinals Jean-Paul de Bruijn from the Netherlands eliminated Jean-Francois Florent (France) with high runs of 61 and 42 by a clear score of 120:12 after five innings. He will face Raul Cuenca (Spain) in tomorrow’s semi-final whilst title holder Frédéric Caudron (Belgium) will  play against Raymund Swertz (Netherlands). After yesterday’s defeat in the 3-Cushions-final Caudron showed his class and seemed to be unconcerned from the previous day’s result. More or less an Italian championship, the 5-Pins-tournament began this morning with the single elimination stage. In the past some of the German players have fought back against the strong Azzurri but this year that didn’t happen. From the eight players left seven of them are from Italy. Title holder Michelangelo Aniello needed five sets to win his first match but managed to win in three clear sets in the last 16 against his fellow countryman Camilo Gomez. The only non-italian left is Finn Mortensen (Denmark). He will face Matteo Gualemi in the quarterfinal. The 3-Cushions-Tourney for players under 17 years of age has been underway since this morning. Only eight players are left for tomorrow’s quarterfinal. So far the biggest favourites for the title are Dylan Parent (Belgium) and Alessio D’Agata from Italy who were the only players with an average higher than one point per inning. However that could mean very little as we have learned over the last four days. Today also the group stages of the Libre U19-event has been played. Only nine players started yesterday and now eight of them are left for the quarterfinals on late Monday evening. Only Maxime Schreiner from Luxembourg has been eliminated so far. Sam van Etten from the Netherlands had the best average in the group stages and is still the favorite for the gold medal. Simon and Lukas Blondeel are the remaining German hopes. They will face Jason Petit (France) and Anders Henriksen (Danmark) in the round of the last 8. Additionally, tournaments in Cadre 47/2 and 3-Cushions on the small table began today. Only a few matches have been completed until now. Most of the players will have their first game on Tuesday. All photos and reports:
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