CEB Sport News.

General rules: The general sport rules of CEB so called "Basic Concepts" have been partially renewed. Mostly the English wording has been improved, some clarifications have been also added with minor technical changes and new rules for the dress code. We strongly recommend to read carefully the new document.
- Inscription fee for individual European Championships is now 150 € (unchanged for teams).
- CEB rules for international open tournaments and invitation tournaments have been adapted and clarified, see CEB Organization Rules.

Longoni Next Gen: New dates in CEB calendar for EUROYOUTH 2023, 2 CEB-LONGONI Grand Prix 5-Pins U21 and 2 CEB-LONGONI Grand Prix 3-Cushion U21. The GPs 3C and 5-Pins plus the EC will contribute to create two separate youth ranking (1 x 3C and 1 x 5P).  At the end of the season the top 3 of both rankings will be awarded  with a Wild Card in the EC Individual of the next season. See the detailed rules and ranking points in the specific tournament rules. All the Longoni Next Gen events will take place in Italy close to Milano, organized by FIBiS, the exact locations will be announced as soon as possible.

World Championship 3-Cushion Individual (South Korea): registrations for CEB players not seeded by UMB will be open on CEB website starting from tomorrow. The deadline for federation is October 1st.

Calendar news: New dates in CEB calendar for: Coupe d'Europe 3-Cushion (Porto, Portugal), Coupe d'Europe Classics (Douarnenez, France), CEB Grand Prix Artistic (Mannheim, Germany), CEB Grand Prix 3-Cushion Ladies (Valencia, Spain).

Lausanne Billard Masters: The CEB team has been announced: KILIC Muhemmed Mustafa (Turkey) and KOGELBAUER Nikolaus (Austria).

Regrouped ECs in Antalya (Turkey): Registrations for all competitions will open on December 13th 2022, deadline will be on January 24th 2023.

For technical reasons (all-inclusive system) all participants will have to stay at "Maritim Pine Beach Belek Hotel"

Special Prices for this event:

Single room all-inclusive (including alcohol) 140 euros per night

Double room  all-inclusive (including alcohol) 100 euros per night

Triple room all-inclusive (including alcohol) 90 euros per night

Booking system, organized  by Turkish Billiard Federation, will be published soon.

People, not staying in this hotel, will have to pay daily charges: 

Daily use 50€ (09:00-18:00), Extra Breakfast 20€, Extra Lunch 25€, Extra Dinner 25€

16 European Championship will be played, the tournament rules have been updated and published in the relevant section of CEB website:

EC 3-Cushion Individual

EC 3-Cushion Ladies

EC 3-Cushion National Teams

EC 3-Cushion Ladies National Teams

EC 3-Cushion U25

EC 5-Pins Individual

EC 5-Pins Ladies

EC 5-Pins National Teams

EC Artistic Individual

EC Artistic National Teams

EC 1-Cushion

EC Balkline 47/2

EC Balkline 71/2

EC Free Game Ladies

EC 3-Cushion Individual Small Tables

EC 3-Cushion Club Teams Small Tables