CEB Sport News.
Longoni Next Gen season 2022/2023: scheduled dates have been partially rearranged for this sport season . The postponed 5-Pins event has been rescheduled in February and the last event previously scheduled in June has been postponed in August. Find below all the dates, all in Italy, Lombardy region:
February 4/5, 2023: 1st Longoni Next Gen Grand Prix 5-Pins U21, ASD Royal Billiard, Cusago (Milano)
March 4/5, 2023: 2nd Longoni Next Gen Grand Prix 5-Pins U21.
March 31/April 2, 2023: 1st Longoni Next Gen Grand Prix 3C U21.
April 27/30, 2023: Longoni Next Gen Euroyouth 2023.
August 4/6, 2023: 2nd Longoni Next Gen Grand Prix 3C U21.

Longoni Next Gen Euroyouth 2024: CEB announces that this event is already confirmed in our calendar and will be organized by the Real Federacion Espagñola de Billar. It will take place in the "Sports Technification Center Infanta Cristina”, Los Alcázares (Murcia), from March 29 to April 1st, 2024.

World Championship 3-Cushion Ladies and Juniors 2024 and 2025: CEB is pleased to announce that the Fédération Française de Billard and the Real Federacion Espagñola de Billar will organize these two events respectively in September 2024 and September 2025.

Regrouped European Championships in Antalya: Competitions and accreditations schedule are visible on CEB website (https://www.eurobillard.org/events/european%20championships%202023-332.html). An online form is also available for players and/or federations who would like to book their rooms through the Turkish Billiard Federation. We remind that all athletes are obliged to stay in the Pine Beach Belek Hotel in Antalya and are free to book by any means they wish.
TBF online booking form:
Reservation mail address for officials:

Pine Beach Belek Hotel (5 stars)
İleribasi Mevkii, 07506 Belek / Serik / Antalya, Türkiye
Room rates include 3 meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Additional snack meals. Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. (ALL INCLUSIVE)
Single Room: EURO € 140.
Double/Twin Room: EURO € 200 (€ 100 per person)
Triple Room: EURO € 270 (€ 90 per person)

Rankings update: CEB reminds to all federations to upload their latest national results on CEB website using their federation account. This is particularly needed for 1-Cushion, Cadre 47/2, Cadre 71/2. Rankings will be updated not later than December 11 with the uploaded results and the new rankings will be valid for the ECs in Antalya.

Season 2023/2024: Applications for the organisation of CEB events for the coming sport season can be submitted now. All federations willing to organize European Championships, Grand Prix and Coupes d'Europe for the future seasons are warmly invited to contact us to talk about available events to be assigned.