CEB Sport News.

- World Championship 3-Cushion National Teams (Viersen - Germany): Registrations are open on CEB website. Deadline is January 30th.

- Coupe d'Europe Classic Teams (Douarnenez - France): Registrations are open CEB website. Deadline is February 17th.

- CEB-LONGONI NEXT GEN GRAND PRIX 5-PINS U21: Location and general informations for the second Grand Prix (March 4th/5th 2023) are published and registrations are open on CEB website. Deadline is February 3rd. Groups for first GP are published.

- Calendar news: World Championship 5-Pins National Teams and Ladies just added to CEB calendar from 9th to 12th November 2023 in Hall in Tirol (Austria).

- Regrouped ECs in Antalya: CEB reminds that the deadline for registrations is January 24th. All federation are strictly requested to respect the restrictions on registrations for competitions with time-table conflicts. Example: it's not possible to register for 3-Cushion Individual on match tables and 3C Individual on small tables. For same reason it's not possible to register for 3C National Teams and 3C Clubs Team on small tables. All conflicts are listed in the corresponding tournament information page. Players or teams registered for conflicting competitions will have to choose only one competition.