For the first time an all-in-one regrouped championship is dedicated to the growing discipline of 5-pins together with the brand new European Championship Biathlon for National teams. The European Championship 5-Pins and Biathlon all-in-one will start in 10 days.
Thanks to the strong commitment of FISBB (Italian Federation of Billiard and Bowling), local authorities and CEB, this big event will take place in Calangianus, Sardinia, in the beautiful location that already hosted the International Biathlon Cup and several Italian national tournaments, the "Padiglione Fieristico EXPO di Calangianus".
The event includes 4 European Championships and one special Grand Prix:
European Championship 5-Pins Ladies
European Championship 5-Pins Individual
European Championship 5-Pins National Teams
European Championship Biathlon National Teams
Grand Prix 5-Pins Double Mixed Genders
The experienced organizing committee will take care of players and officials for the 9 days of the event while the tournaments will run one after the other. An approximate total number of 85 athletes representing 11 CEB affiliated federations are expected to take part of the competitions.
Games will start on January 13th with the qualification groups of 5-Pins Ladies and Biathlon National Teams. Last day will be January 21st with the finals of 5-Pins National Teams. In between the Grand Prix and the 5-Pins Individual will take place.
Italian Federation streaming service Billiard Channel  will broadcast the event.
Click here for all information about the competitions and for the general logistic info.