Coupe d’Europe Classic Teams

Coupe d’Europe Classic Teams
Coupe d’Europe Classic Teams
According to the results of the 2 Qualifications, here are the groups of the Final in Douarnenez (FR) at the end of March (all details on https://www.eurobillard.org/events/coupe-deuope-classic-teams-final-131.html )
Group A: Douarnenez (FR), Merklinde (DE) and Chartres(FR) 
Group B : Bochum (DE), Oissel (FR) and De Picardie (NL)
Detailed results of the Qualifications:
Afferden: http://www.biljartpoint.nl/index.php?page=stand&poule=A&compid=4239&district=24
Oissel: Results