EC-preparations are in full swing

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EC-preparations are in full swing
Brandenburg a.d.H. -  One month before the start of the Billiard European Championships, the official press conference for the local media took place at the Axxon Hotel yesterday. Under direction of media chief Achim Gharbi, EC patron and Brandenburg’s Lord Major Dr. Dietlind Tiemann, chief organizer on site  Helga Blawid from SG Stahl Brandenburg, together with CEB President Bennie Deegens and CEB General Secretary Helmut Biermann, informed the media representatives about the current status of the EC preparations. In the run-up to the press conference, which has also been attended by representatives of the sponsors, the first of several large size posters was presented, close to the EC venue. Together with the EC cable car, which is already travelling the city for several weeks now, these large size posters are designed to draw attention to the Billiard-EC 2017. They are placed on the city’s entries and the most frequented street crossings. Related links: EC Photos and reports: http://www.germantour.net/karambol_em_brandenburg_2017_media_tool.asp?id=49 EC results and general information: http://registration.eurobilliard.org/events/european-championships-2017-1.html CEB on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CEB.billard/?fref=ts