ESPA 2019 5-Pins tournament in ROESELARE (BE)

ESPA 2019    5-Pins tournament in ROESELARE (BE)

The 6th edition of ESPA 19 at 5-Pins In Roeselare (BE) ended with the victory of

CRB Léopold (BE) with the following players:

Trentino Ismael   -   Carbognin Giovanni

Garavaglia Luca   -   Memmi Gianluca

Cosci Mickele  -  Carbognin Giovanni

At the second place the local team DOS1 (BE) with the players

Primon Thomas   -   Henriksen Kim

Debaes Peter   -   Mostery Peter

The third places are for CB 5-Quilles (LU) and TEAM AM (FR)

The level of the game did not suffer despite the absence the teams of Italy and Switzerland and a beautiful championship was again set up by the organizers and the group of good referees where the ladies power has dominated.



Béatrice BERTOLOTTI - Françoise DOCQUIER - Marie-Antoinette EVENOU