Euro-League club teams 5 Pins

Euro-League club teams 5 Pins

2nd tournament of the Euro League 5-Pins Club Teams 2018

The Italian Team ADS Trick Shot Billiards (Quarta, Sagnella, D’Agostino, Infante, Massimo, Luigi Ardò) beat the Swiss Diamante Lugano (Gualemi, Giachetti, Rosanna, Franzese, Aime) in the final held in Bern; the Italian ADS Black Jack (Montereali, Rizzo, Biondolillo, Interbartolo, Vacca) and the Danish Nyborg BK (F. Mortensen, M. Mortensen, J. Mortensen, Skroder) are sharing the third place.

A well-deserved victory for the Italian team that repeated the success in the first tournament held in Roeselare last June, confirming the first place in the overall ranking after two tournaments out of three.

Congratulations to Belgian team DOS Roeselare for the 5th place got, which shows the considerable progress of the 5-Pins discipline in Belgium.

We thank the Club Campania Bern for its excellent hospitality and organization and the Swiss federation for their support.

Third tournament and Final Poule will take place in November at Morangis (FR).