European Billiards Championships starts in a few days (copy 1)

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European Billiards Championships starts in a few days (copy 1)
The clock is ticking! The opening shot of this years European Billiards Championships is going to be made this Friday in Brandenburg an der Havel. This major billiards event unites all popular billiards disciplines in one big Championship hold biennially. More than 500 athletes from 20 nations are going to compete not only for European titles but also for the World Games qualification which is taking place in Poland later this year. Besides that, this years price money, a whopping 105.000,00 € is also worth competing for. The sports enthusiastic city right outside the borders of Berlin hosted the competition twice before in 2013 and 2015. Since the European governing body for billiards sport CEB made formidable experiences regarding organisation and team work with the local sports officials, the operators of the venue « Stahlpalast » and the represantatives of the city Brandenburg and the federal state Brandenburg, it was obvious to host the Championships there once again. "Being indispensable associates, the city of Brandenburg as well as on site coordinator Helga Blawid allow us to organize and host this mammoth event with 16 new Champions being crowned over the course of 10 days. With the Axxon-Hotel, the associated Stahlpalast and the main main sponsor Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse we have even more reliable and interested partners at our side", announces CEB president Bennie Degens from the Netherlands. The numerous different titles that are fought for consist of all the disciplines brought together such as three cushion, free play, one cushion, balkline, birilli and artistique played in three divisions such as men's, U21 as well as U17. Introducing the youth into the competition was an important factor for the organizers since "they are the future of our sport and we want them to be as close to their idols as possible", says Degens. The whole event lasting from April 28th till May 7th will be free of admisson charge. Local spectators are more than welcome to join the audience. Viewers from home will also be provided with a high quality live stream from www.kozoom.com which will be broadcasted worldwide. On top of that there will be daily press releases in three languages as well as professional pictures to be found on http://www.germantour.net/karambol_em_brandenburg_2017_media_tool.asp?id=49