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VIERSEN - The European sports director Jean Pierre Guiraud has made the draw for the Coupe d'Europe for teams in the discipline three cushion. The preliminaries will be played on five locations: Ronchin in France, Paiporta in Spain, Porcia in Italy, Bottrop in Germany and Athens in Greece. The qualifications are on 22 and 23rd April. The group winners and the best runner-up qualify for the final round. The best runners-up ranking will be made by general average. The Turkey's team Gaziantepspor is the defending champion, the final will be played at FC Porto. The composition and the name of Gaziantepspor, is not known so far. Frédéric Caudron will not play for the title holder anymore. The Belgian champion is playing in the preliminaries for De Goeie Queue. In total, 21 teams were announced for the qualifications. They are divided during the draw in four groups of four and one group of five. At http://ceb.atiweb.fr/events/coupe-deuope-3-cushion-qualifications-18.html# the participating teams and players are listed. The most known players per club are:

Club Billar Paiporta: Javier Palazón, Sergio Jimenez, Antonio Montes
BK Gröndal: Dion Nelin, Tonny Carlsen
Green Planet Gold: Marco Zanetti, Jérémy Bury
BSK Union: Dick Jaspers
Wiener Billard Assoziation: Arnim Kahofer
Club Billar Valencia: Martin Horn, Dave Christiani
Bottroper BA: Christian Rudolph, Dustin Jäschke
Varde BK: Michael Nilsson
CetSi Morangis: Eddy Merckx, Eddy Leppens, Richard Bitalis, Jean Reverchon
Retro Albertin: Peter en Kurt Ceulemans, Cédric Melnytschenko
BC Deurne: Jef Philipoom, Ludo Dielis
De Goeie Queue: Frédéric Caudron, Jean Paul de Bruijn
Buffalo: Glenn Hofman, Jean van Erp
Barrage Club: Kostas Kokkoris
Gunduz Spor: Murat Celik, Tolgahan Kiraz The group format: 1 Group Ronchin: Retro Albertin
BC International Berlin
BK Gröndal
Karsiyaka Spor 2 Paiporta
Club Billar Paiporta
De Goeie Queue-DKM Tools
Billard Club Zürich
CetSi Morangis 3 Porcia
Green Planet Gold
BC Deurne
Club Billar Valencia
Wiener Billard Assoziation 4 Bottrop
Bottroper BA
Varde BK
ASD Selinus
Gunduz Spor 5 Athene
Barrage Club
Académie Lausannoise de Billard
BSK Union
Leca FC