Considering the pandemic situation with Coronavirus, CEB and the concerned organizing federations have decided to cancel all CEB championships and camps (training camps, referee camps) until the end of the season (31.August 2020).

In order to give to the organizers, impacted by these cancellations, the opportunity to postpone their event already next season, the CEB Board has decided to move the alternation with the regrouped European championship (Brandenburg since 2013) by one year.

The CEB Board is already working with the federations for preparing, as soon as possible, the competitions calendar for 2020/2021.


For the future, the general organizing conditions offered now in Brandenburg are no more in adequation with CEB’s ambitions. That’s why CEB is already working with the Turkish Federation in order to organize in 2022, in the beautiful town of Antalya, the same as Brandenburg, but with the ambition to have an even better mega-event, for the promotion of our sport:

    - Same luxury hotel for all on site

    -  Lovely environment near the sea

    - Nice tournament place, with more tables

    -  Less days in total

    - More players for some competitions

You liked Brandenburg, you will love Antalya !


Take care and keep safe,

The CEB Board