Kozoom 3C Challenge Cup: Roland Forthomme wins last group.

Kozoom 3C Challenge Cup: Roland Forthomme wins last group.

Roland Forthomme won last qualifying group of the Kozoom 3C Challenge Cup. He is now the third player from Belgium to take the last available ticket for the final round to be played in September. The Belgian had an impressive start in the first day by taking a good advantage on the other two competitors but finished the second day with only two sets ahead because of the strong counterattack by Polychronopoulos. The tension was high at the start of the third day but Roland made immediately clear who was the best by winning four set in a row for a total of 12 sets. Nilsson won the the last four sets showing finally his skills and reaching the Greek at 6 sets, nevertheless he was third by average.

Final ranking of group D:
Forthomme 12-1,558-10    
Polychronopoulos 6-1,252-8
Nilsson    6-1,173-7


Group D Final Results

The final ranking of the eight qualified to the final round:

1 EDDY MERCKX 19-1,813-10
2 DICK JASPERS 16-1,814-7
3 RUBEN LEGAZPI 13-1,752-10
4 GWENDAL MARECHAL 12-1,688-10
5 ROLAND FORTHOMME 12-1,558-10
6 MARCO ZANETTI 11-1,682-10
7 DION NELIN 11-1,461-10
8 PETER DE BACKER 10-1,202-6