The Longoni Next Gen project takes a further step with the first Grand Prix U21 in the discipline of 3-Cushion.

The project is promoted  by CEB, Italian Federation (FISBB) and Longoni. It promises to be one of the most important event for the young talented billiard players in 3-Cushion and 5-Pins.

This first 3-Cushion event will take place in Garlasco (PV) starting from Friday 31st, in the venue of the ASD Edora Biliardo Garlasco.
17 among the best 3-cushion European young players will take part to the competition.
4 Turkish: the World Champion U22 and U17 European Champion Burak Hashas, Seymen Ozbas, Selahattin Ozkul and Yigit Baran Kara.
2 Danish: Lukas Mortensen (European Champion Biathlon U21) and Daniel Kristiansen
1 Austrian: Nikolaus Kogelbauer
2 French: Nathan Duriez and Tangui Duriez
2 German: Amir Ibraimov and Ali Ibraimov
1 Greek: Christos Falangas
1 Belgian: Luca Philipoom
2 Dutch: Joris Van't Zelfden and Joeri Wilkowski
2 Italians: Paolo Turlà and Giuliano Di Gabriele

They are divided in 4 group: 1 of 5 and 3 of 4, the best two of each group will qualify to quarter finals. They will play group games to 25 points in 50 innings; final rounds will be to 35 points.

A dedicated season ranking has been created also for 3-Cushion: the best 3 at the end of the season will be granted with a Wild Card for the European Championship Individual of next sport season. Ranking points are earned in the two GP and in the European Championship 3C U21

***DAY 1***

The first day is over in Garlasco while the candidates to the quarter finals  are becoming clear. Last two match for each groups will be played tomorrow morning followed by the quarter finals in the afternoon.

The current junior World Champion Burak Hashas (Turkey) is on top of the provisional ranking with the highest average and best match so far (1,470 - 1,562) He is leading group A with 6 points followed by the Greek Christos Falangas at 6 points as well (0,797). They will play last group match to decide the group winner and the runner up. No more possibilities to qualify for Amir Ibraimov (4 points but no more match to play), Paolo Turlà and Joeri Wilkowsi.

Anoher Turkish boy, Seymen Ozbas, is second in the general ranking and leader in group B (1,351) with 4 points. Daniel Kristiansen and Tangui Duriez are pursuing at 2 points but the last match of tomorrow will be an hard task for the French against Ozbas while the Dane will have an easier match against the Italian Di Gabriele.

In group C Nathan Duriez is leading with 4 points (0,806), tomorrow he needs a victory on Danish Lukas Mortensen to get a sure qualification and the Dane will not give up easily. Turkish Baran Kara and Dutch Joris Van't Zelfden will play for what could be a second place in the group.

Group D is led by the Austrian Nikolaus Kogelbauer with 4 points (0,909). German Ali Ibraimov and Turkish Selahattin Ozkul are following with 2 points. Last two match are decisive: Kogelbauer has to win against Ozkul for a sure spot in quarter finals as group winner, Ibraimov needs a victory on Belgian Philipoom for a chance to qualify. Ozkul could also qualify in case of a victory on the Austrian.

The best high runs of  7 have been scored by Christos Falangas and Amir Ibraimov.

***DAY 2***

Last group matches played in the morning decided the group winners and the second placed. Since groups have different number of players the match points are not considered,

Group A: 1- Burak Hashas 1,351 2-Christos Falangas 0,769

Group B: 1-Seymen Ozbas 1,190 2-Daniel Kristiansen  0,709

Group C: 1-Nathan Duriez 0,903 2-Yigit Baran Kara 0,736

Group D: 1-Nikolaus Kogelbauer 0,992 2-Ali Ibraimov 0,833

Quarter finals are scheduled at 17:00:

Burak Hashas (TR) vs Daniel Kristiansen (DK): 35-12 in 26/25 innings

Nikolaus Kogelbauer (AT) vs Ali Ibraimov (DE): 34-35 in 50/51 innings

Nathan Duriez (FR) vs Christos Falangas (GR): 35-16 in 27 innings

Seymen Ozbas (TR) vs Yigit Baran Kara (TR): 35-18 in 37 innings

Three out of four quarter finals were clear victories.

Two Turkish, one French and one German will clash in the semifinals scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10.30.

***DAY 3***


Burak Hashas (TR) vs Ali Ibraimov (DE): 35-22 in 27/26 HR 10-4
Seymen Ozbas (TR) vs Nathan Duriez (FR): 35-20 in 33/32 HR 5-4

The morning semifinals decided the two finalists that will play an all Turkish match, scheduled at 14:00. 

Burak Hashas (TR) vs Seymen Ozbas (TR)

Kozoom is broadcasting the event.

Follow all results here.