UPDATE Sunday 26th ***

Burak Hashas won the first Longoni GP U21 in Ostrava. In the all Turkish final match he had to face his compatriot Selahattin Ozkul.

The day started in the morning with the quarters final session. In the quarters final matches the Turkish and the Spanish delegations outplayed all the other competitors.

The semifinals were a mixed clash between Turkiye and Spain. Hashas won against Marco Morales while in the other table Ozkul sent out Daniel Sainz-Pardo.

The final was a tense match. Ozkul took the lead at the beginning but Hashas fought back quickly and took the lead himself after 12 innings. After the break Ozkul failed to fight back and Hashas increased his advantage.

The podium:

1st place Burak Hashas (TR) 

2nd Selahattin Ozkul (T)

3rd Daniel Sainz-Pardo (ES) and Marcos Morales (ES)

Special trophies have been awarded by Mr Kosnovsky to Burak Hashas (highest average), Amir Ibraimov (highest run) and Joeri Wilkowski (youngest player).

The Longoni NextGen ranking 2023-2024 can be found here.

Detailed results and rankings here.


UPDATE Saturday 25th ***
At the end of two days of qualification rounds the last 8 are now decided. Quarters final matches are scheduled tomorrow morning at 10:00.

In group A Burak Hashas (TR) had a clear lead with 4 victories out of 4, a general avg of 1,282, best match 2,500; the highest so far. Dutch Joris Van't Zelfden is the runner up with 3 victories, 0,916 and best avg 1,000.

In group B Daniel Sainz-Pardo from Spain is the unbeaten leader, 0,934 and 1,666 his averages, best run 6. There was a fight for the second place where 3 players won 2 matches each. Turkish Selahattin Ozkul survived thanks to the best average (0,675).

In group C Spanish Marcos Morales won with 3 victories (0,754 - 0,833 - 4). 3 players finished with 2 victories but it was Luca Philipoom (NL) to qualify by a very small average difference on the Portuguese Goncalo Santos.

In group D Amir Ibraimov (DE) won with full points, a gen avg of 1,010, a best match at 1.315 and the best run of the tournament so far (9). Greek Georgios Tsokantas is the runner up (0,707 - 0,781 - 7).

Best 8 of the qualification ranking:
1- Burak Hashas (TR)
2- Amir Ibraimov (DE)
3- Daniel Sainz-Pardo (ES)
4- Marcos Morales (ES)
5- Joris van't Zelfden (NL)
6- Georgios Tsokantas (GR)
7- Selahattin Ozkul (TR)
8- Luca Philipoom (NL)

Quarters final:

Hashas - Philipoom
Morales - van't Zelfden
Sainz-Pardo - Tsokantas
Ibraimov - Ozkul




The new season of the Longoni NextGen project for young 3-cushion athletes is already on its route to the first event. The first Grand Prix will take place in Ostrava (CZ) in November, 24th to 26th, organized by the Czech Billiard Federation in the Billiard Club Ostrava. Three wild cards for the European Championship 3-Cushion Individual 2024-2025 are at stake. This is a special opportunity to compete and socialize dedicated by the CEB and Longoni to young talented players. The CEB will financially help the participants with the cost of the hotel room.

20 of the best young players from the CEB federations are expected in the Billiard Club Ostrava. The format is set on 4 groups of 5 players. Best 2 from each group will advance in the quarters final.

Group games are scheduled on Friday and Saturday. Final KO rounds will take place on Sunday.

Click here for all information and results.  Live score and video streaming: click here. 

Kozoom will also broadcast the event.

Enjoy the promotional video!

Photographer:  Jan Slechta