Marco Zanetti new 3-Cushion-Champion

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Marco Zanetti new 3-Cushion-Champion
Four years ago Marco Zanetti from Italy became the European Champion in 3-Cushion-Billiards in a brilliant final against Christian Rudolph from Germany. Today he repeated his great success by beating Frédéric Caudron from Belgium. The final itself was surprisingly one-sided as Zanetti played like he was from another planet. He started with a 15:1-score after 3 innings and just a few moments later he increased his lead to 29:1. His opponent from Belgium was trying everything to come back into the game but couldn’t manage to score more than just a few points. Zanetti, who had an average of almost 6,000 at one time, missed now and then but in the end he made the points needed to win the match by a score of 40:14 after eleven innings. „To win this title again is one the biggest successes in my career. Especially in the beginning of the game I played brilliantly. I think you can’t play better. In the second part I struggled a bit but managed to transport the lead over the finish line“, said a very happy Zanetti right after the match. In the semifinals Zanetti also scored well in the beginning and took an early lead over David Martinez from Spain. The final result was 40:29. At the same time Frédéric Caudron showed his abilities by beating Dick Jaspers from the Netherlands with 40:31. The new European Champion in the discipline 3-Cushions for players under 21 years of age is Carlos Anguita from Spain. His opponent Adrien Tachoire (France) took an early 5:1-lead but just a few innings later Anguita began to score and was ahead 16:6 at half-time. Right after the break Anguita continued his smaller runs while Tachoire was unable to follow. After 23 innings the final score was 30:18 in favour of Carlos Anguita who celebrated his first international title. The new gold medalist in the Free Game for players under 17 was also determined today. Leon Dudnik (Netherlands) faced Bryan Eelen from Belgium which was a big surprise as both finished only second in the group stages. In the semifinals Dudnik elminated Yohann Alderbonn from France as Eelen beat Enzo Riquart (also France) in a thriller by 200:194. The final was more or less an easy business for Eelen as he ran 129 points in a row. That was good enough to win the match by a score of 200:49 after five innings. In the club teams-event U19 the new European champions come from Billiard-Club Oissel. The French youngsters won all four matches against the opponents from the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. The Dutch team from Horna finished second whilst BC De Coeck (Belgium) won the bronze medal. Meanwhile the first group matches were played in 1-cushion. One of the favorites is Frédéric Caudron who won his first match against Alain Remond from France by a 100:76-score after nine innings. But today’s best match was played by Raymund Swertz from the Netherlands. The former European Cadre-Champion finished his match after only three innings. Last not least the group stages of the 5-Pins-Tournament has been played. As usual the Italians dominated this stage of the tournament as they won 10 out of 16 groups. Another three Azzurri are seeded for the final stage and will join the tournament tomorrow.