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Hosts FC Porto take the European trophy


PORTO - The star-filled team of FC Porto has finally broken the second-place curse. They hosted and won the European Cup for club teams, the most prestigious prize in Europe when it comes to team play.  Daniel Sánchez, Torbjörn Blomdahl, Rui Manuel Costa and Joao Ferreira were the four players responsible for the joy in Futebol Club the Porto, after the winning point had been made. Alipio Jorge, the club's president, embraced his players after their win in the final over defending champions Gaziantepspor (4-2). The fourth match between Rui Costa and Can Capak was stopped after the Portuguese were unreachable for the opponent. Tayfun Tasdemir, Murat Naci Coklu, Gökhan Salman and Can Capak won the silver.


The last match scenario was perfect for FC Porto. Dani Sánchez showed his teammates the way to victory by a win over Tayfun Tasdemir (40-26 in 17), Murat Naci Coklu dominated the match against Torbjörn Blomdahl 40-22 in 28. The two other FC Porto players forced the decision. Rui Manuel Costa captured Can Capak and Joao Pedro Ferreira finished in his match against Gökhan Salman with a wonderful 10-run. That apotheosis was the start of a huge showdown and joy among the Portuguese players. Rui Costa jumped into the arms of his young Portuguese team-mate Ferreira and a while later, Alipio Jorge, Dani Sánchez and Torbjörn Blomdahl shared the celebration. Rarely, so much joy was seen in a team becoming the European champion.


The tournament was closed by a magnificent final with the Gaziantepaspor victories over CetSi Morangis in the semifinals (6-2) and FC Porto that triumphed against BK Gröndal 6-2. Dion Nelin was the absolute star in the semi-finals. The Danish player defeated Dani Sánchez 40-26 in 13 with a closing run of 21! The only winner in the CetSi Morangis team in the match against Gazantepspor was Eddy Merckx. The Belgian defeated Tayfun Tasdemir 40-25 in 23. Murat Naci Coklu excelled against Eddy Leppens with 40-24 in 16. FC Porto took the victory with a general average of 1.616, Gaziantepspor finished 1.509, CetSi Morangis 1.410 and BK Gröndal 1.350.

The rankings per player on positions 1, 2, 3 and 4 (average, ranked by most wins for the team):


Players at 1:

1. Jef Philipoom (Deurne) 1,818 (3 wins)

2. Dani Sánchez (Porto) 1.957

3. Dion Nelin (Gröndal) 2.242 (highest run 21)

4. Eddy Merckx (Morangis) 1,667

5. Tayfun Tasdemir (Gaziantepspor) 1,416 (3,636 best match average)

6. Murat Celik (Gunduz) 1,426

7. Glenn Hofman (Buffalo) 1,129

8. Brian Hansen (Varde) 1,125


Players numbers2:

1. Murat Naci Coklu (Gaziantepspor) 1,694 (undefeated in 5 games)

2. Torbjörn Blomdahl (Porto) 1,752

3. Eddy Leppens (Morangis) 1,930

4. Tonny Carlsen (Grondal) 1,326

5. Tolgahan Kiraz (Gunduz) 1.532

6. Michael Nilsson (Varde) 1,444

7. Jean van Erp (Buffalo) 1,142

8. Davy van Havere (Deurne) 0.894


Players number 3

1. Manuel Rui Costa (Porto) 1,592

2. Mehmet Aksoy (Gunduz) 1.432

3. Jeffrey Jorissen (Buffalo) 0.963

4. Can Capak (Gaziantepspor) 1.504

5. Thomas Andersen (Varde) 1,596

6. Ludo Dielis (Deurne) 1,240

7. Richard Bitalis (Morangis) 1,369

8. Brian Knudsen (Grondal) 1.220


Players number 4:

1. Joao Pedro Ferreira (Porto) 1.326

2. Herman van Daalen (Buffalo) 1.172

3. Gokhan Salman (Gaziantepspor) 1,246

4. Jean Reverchon (Morangis) 1,028

5. Josef Gijsels (Deurne) 1.030

6. Ozcan Ozfidan (Gunduz) 0.860

7. Allan Schroder (Varde) 0.849

8. Lars Dunch (Grondal) 1.037.