DAY 3:

Quarters final: 

Burak Hashas had to fight an hard match with Santos Gonçalo before getting the pass to semifinals. He won for a very small gap after beeing behind for the biggest part of the match. (35-32 in 36)
Denizcan Akkoca had a clear victory on Marcos Morales. (35-11 in 21/20)
Joris Van't Zelfden played an excellent match eliminating Daniel Sainz-Pardo. (35-23 in 24).
Amir Ibraimov won a tense match against Toni Garcia (30-35 in 35).


Akkoca and Ibraimov showed both excellent performances outplaying their respective opponents and reaching the final:
Denizcan Akkoca (TR) vs Burak Hashas (TR): 35-22 in 26
Amir Ibraimov (DE) vs Joris Van't Zelfden (NL): 35-16 in 22-21


The final was an exciting one: Amir started very strongly playing brilliantly. The score at the break was was 23-2 in 10 innings and a run of 10 by Amir.
Denizcan attempted a comeback in the second part of the match putting pressure on the competitor and shortening the gap, but that was not enough.
The final score was 35-26 in 29/28 innings for the young German talented player, 15 years old. Akkoca (TR) is the runner up. Third places for Joris Van't Zelfden (NL) and Burak Hashas (TR).

Hashas defended his first place in the Longoni ranking (59 points) but Ibraimov is behind at a very short distance (53). Three players are pursuing at 32 (Van't Zelfden, Sainz-Pardo and Morales). Akkoca follows with 27 points. The final ranking of the approaching European Championship 3-Cushion U21 in Spain will be decisive. All of them are expected to play.

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DAY 2:
Today the second and last daily session of the qualifications ended deciding the winners and the runners up of each group, hence the quarters finalists are now decided.
Group A: Burak Hashas (1,851) and Amir Ibraimov (0,850)
Group B: Toni Garcia (1,111) and Denizcan Akkoca (1,507)
Group C: Joris Van't Zelfden (1,052) and Daniel Sainz-Pardo (1,072)
Group D: Marcos Morales (0,961) and Gonçalo Santos (0,765)

Burak Hashas performed the best average so far (1,851) and took the lead of the qualification ranking.  Second highest average by Denizcan Akkoca runner up in his group (1,507). Highest runs so far: 10 points by Daniel Sainz-Pardo and Denizcan Akkoca. Best match: 2,272 by Burak Hashas and Toni Garcia (25 points in 11 innings).

The quarters final are scheduled tomorrow morning starting from 10 AM.
Burak Hashas (TR) vs Gonçalo Santos (PT)
Marcos Morales (ES) vs Denizcan Akkoca (TR)
Joris Van't Zelfden (NL) vs Daniel Sainz-Pardo (ES)
Toni Garcia (ES) - Amir Ibraimov (DE)

Full results here.

DAY 1:

Here is the updated situation at the end of the first day of qualification rounds.

Group A: Hashas (Turkiye, 2,173, the highest tournament avg so far) and Zotov (Spain, 0,718) are leading with 4 match points. Ibraimov (Germany, 0,757) following with 3 match points. Banis 1 match point (Greece, 0,428). Philipoom zero points (Netherlands, 1,103).

Group B: Akkoca (Turkiye, 1,351), Garcia (spain, 1,219) and Kristiansen (Denmark, 0,776) are leading this group with 4 match points each. Nathan Legendre (France, 0,795) and Mio Svensson (Sweden, 0,462) zero match points.

Group C: Dutch Joris Van't Zelfden is leading the group with 3 victories (avg 1,027, 6 match points) and only one match left to be played. Sainz-Pardo (Spain, avg 1,231 and the best high run of the tournament so far, 10), Tsokantas (Greece, 0,897) and Ceylan (Turkiye, 0,742) are pursuing with 2 match points each and two more matches to be played. Charles Legendre (France, 0,421) zero points.

Group D: Morales (Spain, 1,111) and Santos (Portugal, 0,724) are leading with 4 match points. Bollansee is third with 3 match points (Belgium, 0,781). Duriez 1 match point (France, 0,795). Wilkowski (Netherlands, 0,452) and Russino (Italy, 0,327) zero points.


After the success of the first  Longoni NextGen Grand Prix in Ostrava everything is set up and ready in the Billiard Club of Desio (Italy) for the second Grand Prix of the season 23/24.
The event is organized by FISBB (Italian Billiard and Bowling Federation) with the main support of the Italian cues brand. The best European young athletes are participating in this exciting circuit.
Burak Hashas (Turkiye) was the winner in Ostrava where 20 young talents joined the event. Now in Desio 21 athletes have registered and are ready to compete. 11 federations are represented. The two Grand Prix and the upcoming European Championship 3-Cushion U21 are the 3 events that will grant ranking points in the special Longoni NextGen ranking; at the end of this season the CEB will award 3 wild cards to the best ranked players for the European Championship 3-Cushion Individual of next neason. Burak Hashas will try to defend his leading position in this special ranking.
In Desio the 21 athletes are divided in 4 groups; the best two of each group will be qualified to the quarter finals round.
Qualification matches will start tomorrow morning at 9:30 and will go on until Saturday evening. Quarters finals, semifinals and final are scheduled for Sunday 18th.
Kozoom will broadcast the event.
All results will be available here.
Daily updates will be published on this page.