Serdar Gümüs defends his title on final day of the European Championships

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Serdar Gümüs defends his title on final day of the European Championships

Today was the final day of the European Billiards Championships in Brandenburg an der Havel/Germany. Three more goldmedalist were searched and found.The Artisique-event was the closing event of this years Championship and the countless fans in the Stahlpalast and at home watching the livestream saw a revenge of the 2015-final between Serdar Gümüs (Turkey) and Walter Bax from Belgium.The goal was to win 3 sets while you have to solve 7 figures in each set. 

In the beginning both players acted without any mistakes until the seventh figure. Then Bax missed and therefore lost the first set. But that didn’t seem to bother him as he played brillant in the following two sets. The Belgian made absolutely no mistake and took the lead. In the forth set Bax even had a matchball as he was ahead 22:21 before the last figure. But he let out this opportunity so Gümüs had the chance to return into the match. He seemed to have nerves made of steel, made the points and rescured himself into the fifth and final set.

Then again Bax looked like the winner as Gümüs missed the forth figure. But just a few moments later it was Bax who showed nerves by missing the fifth figure. And after Gümüs solved the sixth figue and took a 31:18-lead he was in a very comfortable position. He was sitting in his chair, watching his opponent trying to escape this situation. Bax gave his best but failed by just a few centimeters. So it was Serdar Gümüs again who could celebrate his second European title after 2015.  Jean Reverchon (France) and Jop de Jong from the Netherlands both received the bronze medal during the final awards ceremony.

New European Champion for 3-Cushion club-teams is BC De Goeie Queue from Belgium. Frédéric Caudron, Jean-Paul de Bruijn and Wesley de Jaeger were in total control of the whole event and had no problems beating the french opponents from Andernos in a one-sided final. Caudron beat his fellow countryman Roland Forthomme by a clear score of 40:12 after only 11 innings. At the same time De Bruijn was leading against Thibaut Espada after 14 innings so the title was already secured for De Goeie Queue. The final result of this match was 40:26 after 19 innings in favor of de Bruijn In the semifinal Caudron and De Jaeger beat the Dutch team from Apeldoorn (Eddy Merckx/Jordy de Kurijf) while Andernos eliminated AKK Brno from Czech Republic. Martin Bohac lost versus Thibaut Espada and Radovan Hajek was chanceless against Roland Forthomme. The turkish title holders from Mecidiyeköy were ousted by the team from Apeldoorn in the quarterfinal.

The final of the 5-Pins individual event for players under 21 years of age saw many ups and downs for both opponents.
Max Gabel from Germany won the first set but Andrea Ragonesi equalized the score very fast. In set 3 the Italian was already up by 48:39 but Gabel accomplished the necessary eleven points for the 2:1-lead. Then it was Ragonesi again to get back on track and enforce the final set.There it was the German who took an early 31:19-lead but this time Ragonesi scored very high for the equalizer. Later, at 39:34 in favor of Gabel he had a great chance to increase the lead but failed. As Ragonesi also didn’t score very well, the young player from the host nation was still in a tiny 43:42-lead but it was Ragonesi being at the table. This time the Italian favorite kept his nerves and made the necessary eight points for the title and the gold medal.

In total 16 new European Championship were crowned in the previous ten days. The whole event was organized very well and all helpers, officials and referees did a fantastic job. The spectators in the venue and at home via Livestream saw exciting matches and great sport. In his final words, CEB-president Bennie Deegens already referred to the next European Championships in two years, which will also take place in the Stahlpalast in Brandenburg an der Havel/Germany.

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