Sport news

Sport news

Dear all,

Sport News :

- The inscriptions for the Word Championships 3C  Ladies and U22 in Izmir (TR) are now open. Deadline: 17.August

- CEB Board has decided, considering the success of the 2018 edition, to give, for the 3 coming seasons, the organization of Coupe d’Europe 3C (qualifications and final) to FC Porto. The official dates for 2019  (probably end of June) will be published very soon.

- The “permissions to play” for Coupes d’Europe 2019 can already be registered on the CEB website. Deadline: 30.August

- All information about Euro-League Club Teams 5 Pins in Bern (28-30.September) is now published on the CEB website

- Herewith the actual teams ranking and the composition of the Qualifications groups in Bern.

Best regards

Pierre Reynaert

CEB Secretary General