Update 7/4/2024:

The home team and title holder Douarnenez Valdys successfully defended the title and got the Coupe d'Europe Classic for the fifth time in a row. 

In the final match they prevailed on the other French team of Chartres Billard by 3-0. Raymund Swertz was the first one to finish his 71/2 game with a score of 200-71 in 5 innings against Raul Cuenca. Then it was Marek Faus to reach the finish line as first against Willy Gerimont (250-131 in 5 innings). At this point the 1-Cushion game was stopped and the players and supporters could finally cheer for this victory. Chartres Billard got a silver medal.

The two semifinals were played earlier in the morning: both finished by a 3-0 games score. The Dutch recordman Raymund Swertz could double his previous record game scoring again 200 in one innings in the 71/2 discipline.

Austria team and Spaniards of CB Punt d'Atac take home a bronze medal.

Teams compositions:

Douarnenez (France), gold medal: Gregory Le Deventec, Raymund Swertz, Marek Faus, Louis Edelin

Chartres Billard (France), silver medal: Willy Gerimont, Xavier Gretillat, Raul Cuenca

Austria (Austria), bronze medal: Arnim Kahofer, Michael Hikl, Andreas Reichner

CB Punt d'Atac (Spain), bronze medal: Antoni Gutierrez, Carlos Tuset, Mateu Carbonell

Update 6/4/2024:
The first two match of the last daily session of the qualification rounds consolidated the group winners: both French teams of Douarnenez and Chartres won their respective groups after winning their last match. The Belgian of Noorderkempen and the Germans of Sterkade are eliminated.
The last two match of the qualification round decided the runners up of both groups: the winners qualify, the losers go home.
Anagennisi (Greece) and Punt d'Atac (Spain) in group A:the Spaniards won by 2-1 and will play Chartres Billard tomorrow in the semifinal, tomorrow at 12.30.
The Hazelaar (Netherlands) and Austria in group B: Austria won by 2-1 and will face Douarnenez in the semifinal, tomorrow at 9.30.

Best games so far:
47/2: Arnim Kahofer, 250 in 1 inning, two times.
71/2: Raymund Swertz, 200 in 1 inning.
1-Cushion: Xavier Gretillat, 120 in 4 innings.

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Update 5/4/2024:
The situation after the first two daily sessions is now quite clear; all the participant teams have one more match to play tomorrow:

In group A the home team of Douarnenez is leading with a full score (4 match points and 6 games won); the Greeks of Anagennisi and the Spaniards of CB Punt d'Atac are behind with 2 match points and 2 games won each, the Greeks scored a better average so far. Whatever will happen tomorrow Douarnenez is already qualified to semifinals as group winner. The battle for the second place will take place tomorrow morning between the Greek team of Anagennisi and the Spaniard. No more chance for the Germans of Sterkade.

In group B there is a similar scenario. Chartres is sure to be qualified to semifinals but they need a 3-0 victory tomorrow morning against the Belgian to be sure to enter the semifinals as group winners. In case of a 2-1 victory or in case of a loss the Austrian team or the Dutch of The Hazelaar could threaten the leading position. However the outcome of the match between The Hazelaar and Austria will decide the second qualified team. No way for the Belgian to be qualified. 


The most awaited club teams competition in the classic disciplines will start tomorrow April 4th in the Espace Jules Verne in Douarnenez, France. This is the 14th edition and the home team of Douarnenez won the last four. Will they take it for the fifth time ?
It promises to be an exciting edition, begininng with the record of 7 participating nations. France is represented by 2 teams: the champions and organizers of Douarnenez and Chartres Billard. The other six teams are: De Hazelaar (Netherlands), BFR Sterkade (Germany), Club Billar Punt d'Atac (Spain), BC Noorderkempen (Belgium), Austria and AOM Anagennisi (Greece).
2 qualification groups of 4 teams playing round-robin have been set up: 
Group A: Douarnenez, BFR Sterkade, CB Punt d'Atac and AOM Anagennisi;
Group B: Chartres Billar, De Hazelaar, BC Noorderkempen and Austria.
4 team matches will be played each day for the first 3 days. Then the best 2 from each group will play the semifinals on Sunday 7th, the final is scheduled on Sunday at 15.30.
Each match is composed by 3 games in the 3 classic disciplines: 1-Cushion, Cadre 47/2 and Cadre 71/2.


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The Secretary General of CEB Jean-Pierre Guiraud officially opens the Coupe d'Europe Classic 2024.