The Italian delegation had two reasons to celebrate today at the European Billiards Championships in Antalya.
First Marco Zanetti won the coveted title in the 3-Cushion Men’s Individual and a little later Daniela Romiti secured the title in the Women's 5-Pins Individual, which was played for the first time.

In addition, the participants of the knockout rounds were determined in the team competitions in Women's and Men's 3-Cushion (both match table), as well as for the club teams on the small table.

3-Cushion Men’s Individual:
The new European Champion in probably the most prestigious competition was Marco Zanetti from Italy today. So, only a few days after his 61st birthday, he gave himself the best present.

The match against the Turkish surprise finalist Berkay Karakurt started with a small lead in favor of Zanetti, but Karakurt was able to equalize. At the break, the Turk was even in front with 27:24. In the second half of the final, Karakurt added another two points, but then had to watch as Zanetti first scored ten, and then one inning later another five points.

With a 39:29-lead, Zanetti now had a much better position, but Karakurt was far from giving up. With a few small runs he worked his way back to 38:40, 42:44 and 46:48. Then it was Zanetti's turn again, who scored a point but missed the match point.

One inning later, the Italian had the opportunity to decide the match again. This time he succeeded and won his third European title at the same time.

For Berkay Karakurt, who is ranked 41st in the world, this participation in the final was his greatest sporting success to date. As already reported yesterday, the two bronze medals went to the defending champion Daniel Sanchez (Spain) and Torbjörn Blomdahl from Sweden.

5-Pins Women's Single:
The final between Daniela Romiti and the German Katja Titze was much closer than the result of 3:0-sets indicates. In the first set, everything pointed to a win for Titze. The German had a lead of more than twenty points before she was caught shortly before the goal of 60 points.

The situation was similar in the second set, in which Titze again gained a lead. But this time, too, she could not bring the lead over the finish line. In the third set, both athletes were equal for most of the time, even though Titze had a bit more points as usual. Again, towards the end of the set, Daniela Romiti played stronger and also presented herself with stronger nerves and finally also ended the third set in her favor.

For Titze, only the silver medal remained, while Maria Cristina Pulcini (Italy) and Charlotte Koefoed from Denmark won the bronze medal.

3-Cushion Men's National Teams:
On late Saturday evening, the group stage of this championship with 24 teams ended. Only the top of each group was to reach tomorrow's quarterfinals, so there were some very close decisions.

It was particularly exciting in Group F, where Germany 1, Denmark 2 and the Czech Republic all played to a draw. So, the overall average had to be used and, in this ranking, the German 1 duo had a very close lead.

Sweden 1 also had a few problems, they only drew against Austria, but then celebrated an outright victory in the match against Denmark 1. Also in the round of the last eight are Greece 1, France 1, Spain 1 and Turkey 2.
Only Turkey 1 and the Netherlands 1 celebrated two victories each, rounding off the list of qualified teams.

3-Cushion Women's National Teams:
The medal winners in this competition have been decided since Saturday evening. In tomorrow’s semi-finals, top favorite the Netherlands will meet the Belgians, while Turkey and Denmark will determine the second finalist.

In today's group stage, the Netherlands and Turkey remained without a point loss, while the Danes finished first in Group B despite a draw against Austria. Belgium reached the final round as the best group runner-up with one win and one defeat.

3-Cushion Club Teams Small Table:
Three Turkish teams are in tomorrow's semifinals in this championship that has been running since Thursday. Ankara Hemsin Spor will meet Sinop Spor, while in the second semifinal Göztepe Spor will face the Danes from BK Gröndal.

There was almost an all-Turkish semi-final, but Gröndal prevented a total triumph by beating Karadeniz Spor in extra time in the quarterfinals.

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