Victory for Gaziantepspor 3-cushion clubteams

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Victory for Gaziantepspor 3-cushion clubteams
PORTO - The European Cup three cushion for teams was a victory for this star team. The star team defeated the other favorite for the title, FC Porto, in the final match, with the great match of  Frédéric Caudron. the Belgian leading player of the champions, played an excellent tournament for his team in the wonderful billiard room of the FC Porto stadium. His  victory against Torbjörn Blomdahl (40-13 in 13 innings) paved the way for the first, tremendous European Cup for Gaziantepspor. Dani Sánchez won his match by a delicious victory over Tayfun Tasdemir 40-32 in 19. When Murat Naci Coklu scored his last point against Joao Ferreira (40-29 in 19),  the final was definitely, because Porto could not overtake the caramboles.  The tournament, the 59th European Cup final, was played for the third time in the long history in Porto, for the first time in FC Porto's billiards arena. It was perfect organized in a fantastic accommodation. Each Clubteam had her own dressingroom and her own reserved table for lunch and dinner. Also the dinner after the tournament was great, in the beautifull stadium of FC Porto. Thanks to FC Porto for organizing this fantastic event. The final ranking of the Coupe d’Europe 3-cushion in Porto: 1) Gaziantepspor (TR) 2) FC Porto (POR) 3) Andernos (FRA) 3) Madrid (SPA) 5) Grøndal (DEN) 6) Dallinga (NED) 7) CetSi Morangis (FRA) 8) Leca (POR)