European Championships 2019

Organized by
Confédération Européenne de Billard
CEB Board
Tournament director

GUIRAUD Jean-Pierre (CEB Sports director) - VOLANTE Gabrio (5 Pins) - SCHINTGEN Did (CEB Youth director) - HAASE Dieter (Results control)

Event dates
25-04-2019 19:00 - 05-05-2019 18:30
Registration dates
08-01-2019 00:00 - 24-02-2019 23:59
Time Schedule

General timetable and accreditation


Previsionnal general overview of the competitions:   The details of groups, schedule, games, tables, etc. will be published for all competitions around the 20th of March.
Simonis 300 Rapid

National federations

Deadline for all inscriptions: 24.February 2019

To avoid to have 1 player on 2 tables at the same time (in this case the player would be automatically suspended by CEB), the "collisions" in the Timetable will be explained  for each competition.

Main principles are:

- it is impossible to register for 2 individual competitions which overlap

- for team competitions, only reserve players can play individual competitions which overlap- 1 player, titular in 1 team competition can only be reserve player in a team competition which overlaps.

Magdeburger Landstraße 228
14770 Brandenburg

AIRPORT / TRAIN etc. to Brandenburg - Stahlpalast 
Airport Berlin approxim. 70 Km 
Taxicost to Brandenburg approxim. 100,00 € 
With Bus to Trainstation Berlin 
and then continue as follows 
Train Brandenburg a.d.H. 
Central Station With Tram, Bus or Taxi to Stahlpalast 
All players, coaches, delegates, referees and organization employees 
have after accreditation unlimited travel by tram and bus in Brandenburg.

We wish you already now a pleasant journey and a lot of success at the European Championship  2019.

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Only 40 rooms are available for free booking.


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