The fourth and last day of this Euroyouth 2024 Longoni NextGen edition finally arrived. A very succesful edition in a perfectly set up venue, thanks to the excellent organization by the Spanish Federation.
Today was the day of the finals, where the gold and silver medals are decided.  The German delegation can be considered the winner of this edition with 2 gold medals, 2 silver and 2bronze, out of the 16 medals awarded.

Congratulation to all the medals winner and to all the participants as well. A special congratulation goes to the top three players of the Longoni NextGen 3-Cushion U21 Ranking 2023-2024. CEB will award them a Wild Card for the participation to the European Championship 3-Cushion Individual 2024/2025. Amir Ibraimov is the winner of the Longoni NextGen Ranking 2023-2024. Second place for Burak Hashas and third place for Seymen Ozbas.

The first gold medal was gained in the Biathlon discipline by the Germany 1 team against the Italy 2 team who got the silver medal.
Once again the strong points difference in the 3C fraction proved decisive (25-4 in 17, Ibraimov vs Russino). But the Italian 5-Pins specialist didn't give up at all. Point by point De Girolamo performed an excellent comeback putting under heavy pressure the 5-Pins German player Felix Schrobback. Only on a 198-188 score Schrobback found the missing two points and could finally cheer with his team-mate. Bronze medals for Italy 1 and Denmark.

At the same time the 3C-U17 final was also playing. The home player Toni Garcia started well but Christos Kisniarov (DE) had a better performance on the long distance thus reaching as first the finish line of 30 points (30-21 in 26). He took home the second gold medal of the day for his country. Silver medal for Toni Garcia (ES) and bronze medals for Muhammed Atabey (TR) and Jacobs Ide, again Germany.
Best average: Toni Garcia (1,068). Best match: Christos Kisniarov and Bruno Martinez (1,666). Best run: Jacob Ide and Henry Zimmermann (8).

The third final of the day was that one of the 5-Pins U21 championship. We all know Italian are the best at this discipline, and the young Emanuel Cucchiara is not an exception; he didn't lose a single set in these 4 days. He successfully defended his title taking the third CEB gold medal in a row defeating by 3-0 his opponent Felix Schrobback (DE) who had to set for the silver. Bronze medals to Luigi De Girolamo Del Mauro (IT) and Nick Haake (DE).

Last but not least the 3C-U21 championship reached the final match.
Earlier in the morning the semifinalists were decided.
Turkish armada proved to be the most efficient placing 3 athletes in the semifinals: Akkoca, Ceylan and Ozbas. The remaining place was conquered by the German Amir Ibraimov after a brilliant win over Burak hashas in the quarters (35-17 in 22, run of 8). However the other 3 quarters final were not an easy task for the Turks: Akkoca won the Belgian Philipoom by very few points (35-32 in 32), Ozbas had to perform a strong comeback from an heavy disadvantage and won the Dutch van't Zelfden by few points as well (35-31 in 32), Ceylan defeated Spaniard Morales by 35-28 in 35.

Two Turks clashed in one semifinal (Ceylan and Ozbas) while on the other table Akkoca played Ibraimov.
Ozbas had not much troubles against Ceylan (35-19 in 26). The same can't be said of the other semifinal. Akkoca and Ibraimov showed an exciting match, both being very careful and never losing contact with the opponent. However the German was always a few points ahead and kept this going on until the end (30-35 in 35).
The last match of this great event was played for the 3C-U21 gold medal between Amir Ibraimov and Seymen Ozbas.
We could witness another very tense match, both players were extremely focused and the final outcome was uncertain until the last innings. There was never a big gap between the two young talents; however Ozbas had a better finishing sprint and won  in the last innings with the score of 35-29 in 34. Gold medal for Seymen Ozbas (TR), silver for Amir Ibraimov (DE).
Ceylan and Akkoca took home a bronze medal for Turkiye.
Best average: Burak Hashas (1,324). Best match to 25 points: Seymen Ozbas (1,923). Best match to 35 points: Burak Hashas (1,750). Best run: Burak Hashas (13)

Euroyouth 2024 Medals ranking:
Germany: 2 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze
Italy: 1 gold, 1 silver, 2 bronze
Turkiye: 1 gold, 3 bronze
Spain: 1 silver
Denmark: 1 bronze
Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Sweden: no medals.

The European Championship 3-Cushion U21 was under the spotlight today.
The qualification rounds ended with four Turks in the first four positions, the only four players with average over 1 (Ozbas, Hashas, Akkoca and Ceylan). Ozbas on top of them scored the best average, the best match and the highest run so far (1.923-1.923-8).
Here are all group winners and runners up:
Group A: Akkoca and Duriez
Group B: Hashas and Philipoom
Group C: Ozbas and Tsokantas
Group D: Morales and Van't Zelfden
Group E: Cerkez and Sainz-Pardo
Group F: Ceylan and Cermak
Group G: Kristiansen and Santos
Group H: Ibraimov and Zotov
Later in the day the Last 16 round was played with matches to 35 points. The best match was played by Burak Hashas (1,750) with a run of 13. The 8 winners advanced to the quarters final as listed below:
Seymen Ozbas (TR) vs Joris Van't Zelfden (NL)
Marcos Morales (ES) vs Mustafa Ceylan (TR)
Denizcan Akkoca (TR) vs Luca Philipoom (BE)
Burak Hashas (TR) vs Amir Ibraimov (DE)
Quarters final will be played tomorrow at 9.30, then semifinals and final will follow.

Also today the semifinals of Biathlon NT U21 and 5-Pins U21 took place.
In the 5-Pins discipline the title holder Emanuel Cucchiara outplayed his compatriot Luigi Aniello De Girolamo Del Mauro by a decisive 3-0 sets score; at the same time Felix Schrobback defeated his compatriot Nick Haake by 3-2 after a comeback from a 2-0 deficit.

The 5-Pins U21 final: Schrobback (DE) vs Cucchiara (IT), tomorrow at 15:00.
Bronze medals for De Girolamo (IT) and Haake (DE)

In the Biathlon NT U21 Germany 1 (Ibraimov-Haake) won Italy 1 (Turlà-Cucchiara); the partial 3C score of 25-4 for the Germans (Ibraimov-Turlà) was a way too high mountain to climb, even for a talented boy like Cucchiara.
In the other semifinal the more balanced 3C score (25-17: Kristiansen-Russino) allowed De Girolamo to fight against Sondergaard and finally overcome the Danish very close to the finish line: the final score was 200-188.

The Biathlon NT U21 final: Germany 1 vs Italy 2, tomorrow at 12:15
Bronze medals for Italy 1 (Turlà-Cucchiara) and Denmark (Kristiansen-Sondergaard).

Finally, the 3-Cushion U17 championship quarters finals and semifinals were played.
One Spaniard (Toni Garcia), one Turk (Atabey) and two Germans (Ide and Kisniarov) survived the quarters final rounds securing a medal; then they clashed in the semifinals at the end of the daily session for the color of this medal.
Toni Garcia faced Atabey and the two Germans faced each other.
The Spaniard was the first to get his pass to the final by a brilliant 30-18 win in 22 innings.
A little later Kisniarov closed his match too by 30-21 in 34 innings.
The 3C U17 final: Toni Garcia (ES) vs Christos Kisniarov (DE), tomorrow at 12.15.
Bronze medals for Muhammed Emin Atabey (TR) and Jacob Ide (DE)

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Early today the qualification round of the 5-Pins U21 Championship ended.
Two Italians and one German won the groups: Emanuel Cucchiara, Luigi De Girolamo Del Mauro and Nick Haake. One more German qualified to the semifinals as best second: Felix Schrobback.
Semifinals were set and scheduled for tomorrow at 13.00.
Haake (DE) vs Schrobback (DE)
Cucchiara (IT) vs De Girolamo Del Mauro (IT)

Later in the day the 8 qualified to the quarters final of the 3-Cushion U17 Championship were decided as well.
Two Spanish boys lead the qualification ranking (Martinez and Garcia) followed by three Turks (Akcay, Atabey and Isen); three Germans completed the field of quarters final.
Group winners and runners up:
Group A: Atabey (TR) and Kisniarov (DE)
Group B: Akcay (TR) and Ide (DE)
Group C: Martinez (ES) and Zimmermann (DE)
Group D: Garcia (ES) and Isen (TR)
The matches will be played tomorrow at 9.30 and 11.30.
Garcia (ES) vs Zimmermann (DE)
Atabey (TR) vs Isen (TR)
Akcay (TR) vs Kisniarov (DE)
Martinez (ES) vs Ide (DE)

In the meanwhile the 3-Cushion U21 qualification groups started and will be completed tomorrow morning. Last games of tomorrow will be the Last 16 of the 3-Cushion U21.

The opening ceremony took place today in the late afternoon with the participation of all athletes, referees and delegates.

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Today the first daily session was completed in the beautiful venue of the Sport Technification Centre "Infanta Cristina" in Los Alcazares.
Qualification rounds of the 3-Cushion U17 and 5-Pins U21 European Championships started and will be continued tomorrow. For the 5-Pins U21 Championship the last qualification round scheduled tomorrow morning will decide the group winners and the runners up and consequently the semifinalists. Astic (FR), Pechmanova (CZ) and Orbea (ES) already lost their two matches, no more chances are left for them to be qualified to the semifinals.
At the same time the qualification groups of Biathlon NT U21 were completed today and the semifinalists are already decided. Denmark and Italy 1 teams qualified to semifinals, they clearly won their respective groups A and C with two victories. In group B the three teams won one match each. The average and the direct match were the deciders in this case: France with the lowest average was third; between Italy 2 and Spain 1 the direct match had to be considered, and the Italians won their first match against the Spaniard. So Italy 2 won the group and Spain 1 was second. Finally, among the 3 runners up, Germany 1 scored the best average and qualified to semifinals as the best second.

Biathlon semifinals will be played on Sunday at 15.15:
Italy 1 vs Germany 1
Denmark vs Italy 2

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The most important CEB event dedicated to the younger generations of billiard players is just around the corner.
For this sport season the EUROYOUTH will take place in the Sports Technification Center “Infanta Cristina” in Los Alcázares (Murcia), organized by the Royal Spanish Billiards Federation (RFEB).
The well known Italian cue manufacturer LONGONI is once again the main sponsor, following his committment to develop the billiard sport among the youth. The playing materials are provided by Aramith (balls) and Simonis (cloths).
The event is a regrouped championship which includes 4 championships hence 4 European titles will be assigned:
European Championship 3-Cushion Individual U17
European Championship 3-Cushion Individual U21
European Championship 5-Pins Individual U21
Biathlon National Teams U21
The balls will start to roll on Friday, March 29th, and will continue until the final day of Monday, April 1st.
Speaking about numbers, a total of 49 most talented European young athletes will show up in Los Alcazares, representing 12 National Federations. Two girls are among the participants in the 5-Pins disciplines, one of them will play the Biathlon as well.
In the 3C U21 the Turkish Denizcan Akkoca is the current champion and will fight to defend his title.
In the 5-Pins U21 the defending champions is the Italian Emanuel Cucchiara.
For 3C U17 the last champion was Hashas Burak but he will compete in the U21 as he has passed the age limit.
Lastly, the current Biathlon U21 Team champion is the Denmark team (Jonas Søndergaard and Daniel Kristiansen).
The European Championship 3-Cushion U21 is also part of the Longoni NextGen 3-Cushion ranking. This is the third and last event in this special ranking that assigns yearly 3 wild cards to the 3 best placed athletes for the participation in the major 3-Cushion Individual championship of next sport season.
As already announced, the CEB will offer to all the participating athletes a one-year free subscription to CAROMBALLthe most realistic billiard gaming platform available. Users will be able to access technical exercises, training, challenges and online gaming (against the robot or against other online players) on different game modes: free game, 1-cushion, 3-cushion, 5-pins, artistic and 4-ball. Caromball will be a good way for them to maintain the connection between competitions. Please contact the CEB delegate on-site (Eva Viding-Bussell) for more information.
The whole event will be broadcasted by Kozoom.
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